Bundle & Save: Myron Mixon Meat Injections

When it comes to perfecting pork, utilizing a meat injection can truly enrich the flavors and tenderness of your meat. Renowned in the world of barbecue, Myron Mixon, a five-time world BBQ champion, understands the art of enhancing pork like no other. With an impressive track record of over 200 grand championships, his line of Myron Mixon Meat Injections is designed for both backyard or competition barbecue.

These Myron Mixon Meat Injections, crafted for ease of use and quick preparation, not only promise to infuse your pork butts or brisket with extra moisture and add flavor but also guarantee consistently tender and juicy results every time you fire up the grill. Whether you're marinating your meat or applying it as a spice rub, incorporating Myron Mixon Meat Injection guarantees to level your barbecue game up a notch.

How to Use Myron Mixon Meat Injections for Best Results:

1. For best results, carefully read and reference the Myron Mixon Meat Injections package instructions closely when mixing the injection solution. Combine with one full gallon of either White Grape Peach Juice or Apple Juice depending on personal flavor preference and mix thoroughly until the mixture is completely dissolved.

Myron Mixon Pork Injection instructions for use on back of package

2. Utilize a quality meat injector, such as the Butcher BBQ Meat Injector, to administer the well-dissolved Myron Mixon mixture into your meat shortly before smoking or grilling to ensure the flavors penetrate deep within.

Myron Mixon Pork Injection being injecting into meat

3. Proceed with smoking or grilling your meat according to your preferred cooking method and relish in the amplified taste from the injected flavors of Myron Mixon.

Cooked meat injected with Myron Mixon Pork Injection

Myron Mixon 2-pack Bundle

DDR Bundle and Save: Myron Mixon Meat Injections - Peach Pork Injection 1lbs & Apple Pork Injection 1 lbs

The Myron Mixon Meat Injections Bundle offers two signature flavors: the Myron Mixon Peach Pork Injection & the Myron Mixon Apple Pork Injection. As a legend in the BBQ world, Myron Mixon has crafted exceptional products that set the standard for quality, capturing the hearts of BBQ enthusiasts globally. Using Myron Mixon Meat Injection as an injection, marinade, or spice rub guarantees to add flavor to your meats. Join us on a flavorful journey as we explore the unique characteristics of each injection.

Myron Mixon Peach Pork Injection

Myron Mixon Peach Pork Injection - 1 lbs.

The Myron Mixon Peach Pork Injection delivers a delightful fusion of sweet and tangy notes that dance on your taste buds. Infused with the essence of perfectly ripe peaches, it not only adds a burst of fruity goodness to your pork but Myron Mixon Peach Pork Injection also enhances its natural juiciness and tenderness, resulting in a mouthwatering sensation that will leave you craving more.

Myron Mixon Apple Pork Injection

Myron Mixon Apple Pork Injection - 1 lbs.

The Myron Mixon Apple Pork Injection offers a delightful blend of freshly picked apples This injection not only complements the natural flavors of pork but Myron Mixon Apple Pork Injection also introduces a rich depth of flavor and a delicate sweetness that will tantalize your taste buds and create an irresistible appetite for more.


Myron Mixon Meat Injections are the ultimate secret weapon for creating irresistibly succulent, tender, and bursting-with-flavor pork dishes (and don't forget about chicken!). Whether is be backyard or competition barbecue, these Myron Mixon Meat Injections are your ticket to adding extra moisture to your brisket, pork butts, or any BBQ meat you desire. The Myron Mixon Peach Pork Injection and the Myron Mixon Apple Pork Injection are perfect for adding a sweet burst of fresh fruit to your favorite meals. These Myron Mixon Meat Injections work wonders as a marinade or spice rub too, adding depth and richness to every bite. Unleash your inner chef, get adventurous, and take your BBQ game up a notch with Myron Mixon Meat Injections!

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