Sewing Machine Wood Tray

Size: 6" wide x 4.7" tall x 1.5" deep
Engraving Choice: NONE
Sale price$29.99
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Looking for the perfect gift for a quilter or seamstress? Look no further than a beautifully crafted wood tray in the shape of an old-fashioned sewing machine. Not only is it a practical piece to hold bits and bobs while working on a project, but it also adds a touch of vintage charm to any workspace.

The intricate details of the tray, from the spool of thread to the foot pedal, will have the recipient feeling as though they're working on a classic sewing machine. Whether your loved one is just beginning their sewing journey or is a seasoned pro, this wood tray is sure to make them smile.

Pictures are a representation of what the tray will look like as each one is unique in its own way and no two are alike.

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