Tennessee Wood Tray

Size: 8" wide x 2.25" high x 1.5" deep
Engraving Choice: NONE
Sale price$52.99
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If you're a Tennessee native or just have a love for the state, a wooden tray in the shape of Tennessee is a must-have for your home. Perfect for serving appetizers or displaying small trinkets, this tray adds a touch of southern charm to any room.

The smooth finish and natural wood grain make each one unique and a great conversation starter. Whether you use it as a decoration or for practical purposes, this Tennessee tray is both stylish and functional.

It's a great way to show off your state pride in a subtle and tasteful way. So, bring a piece of Tennessee into your home with this charming wooden tray!

Please don’t put trays in the dishwasher or fridge—they can’t take that much water and humidity. If items are pictured in the tray they’re not included.

Pictures are a representation of what the tray will look like as each one is unique in its own way and no two are alike.

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