Texas Pepper Jelly Raspberry Habanero - 11 oz

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When Texas Pepper Jelly introduced this wonderfully delicious habanero jelly, we didn’t know how popular it would become.

We continue to be proud to make this Raspberry Habanero Pepper Jelly available to you. It is fragrantly sweet with a subtle tart overtone and has an almost melt-in-your-mouth texture.

While it is a jelly, the raspberries still have that fresh just-picked taste. And combined with the heat of the habanero we provide you with a unique flavor profile that can be savored at any time.

What can be cooked with pepper jelly?

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use pepper jelly cooked and uncooked:

  • By itself on a cracker
  • As a blend in our vinaigrette
  • Mixed with our favorite BBQ Sauce (which happens to be Craig’s BBQ Sauce)
  • In frozen yogurt pops
  • In homemade pop tarts
  • In margarita mixture
  • Cooked on our Kielbasa sausage
  • On a warmed-up block of brie
  • The jelly center of thumbprint cookies

There are plenty of other ways it can be used. Share in a review how you use our pepper jelly, including this Raspberry Habanero. We’d love to hear other ways it can be enjoyed.

Love pepper jelly, but you’ve never tried ours? Try Texas Pepper Jelly--once you taste the sweet heat combination of fruits and habaneros packed into each jar, we will quickly become your jelly store. When we learned how to make this tasty treat, we fell in love with it! And you will, too. Great flavor and so good!

Texas Pepper Jelly is a sweet and spicy jelly made with Habanero peppers. This unique flavor is perfect for adding some heat to your favorite recipes. Our jelly is made with quality ingredients and has a great flavor that everyone will love. Whether you are using it as a condiment or a dessert, Texas Pepper Jelly is the perfect addition to any meal.  

11 oz NET WT.

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