If you're a fan of high-quality BBQ supplies and personalized products you won't find anywhere else, then DDR Fab & DDR BBQ Supply is the place for you.

Founded in 2017, this family-owned business has made quite the name for themselves. What started as a small metal product operation has now evolved into a fully-custom home decor and BBQ Supply store.

But what truly sets them apart is their passion for BBQ and high-quality products. Brian and Jenny, the proud owners, are native Texans who are no strangers to the art of smoking meat and indulging in delicious BBQ. With over 35 years of experience smoking meat, Brian knows his way around a brisket and Jenny has been eating and critiquing BBQ her entire life.

Brian actively competes in KCBS and IBCA competitions and is always on the lookout for new products to add to the store. 

All of our signs are manufactured in the USA by us out of high quality, heavy duty cold-rolled steel. Our custom spatulas and grill grates are food-grade steel and manufactured by us as well. We have also added a line of select BBQ and home decor items to complement our selection.

We don't make or sell flimsy products.

Custom requests and high quantity orders are always welcome--just contact us directly and we'll provide you a quote. We can be reached at info@ddrfab.com or 479.330.1114.

We will ship worldwide. Please contact us directly for shipping costs to other countries. 


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