Grill Pinz Bacon Holders Stainless Steel

Sale price$24.99


  • DISTINGUISH YOUR GRILL SET- Food grade Stainless Steel. made from one piece of Stainless. A great addition to your BBQ Tool Rack.
  • WORKS WITH MANY FOOD ITEMS- Perfect for steak meat, chicken, seafood, chops, hot dogs, brats, burgers, lamb, pork and vegetables. Just like grill charms, but better!
  • SAFER THAN TOOTHPICKS - Food grade Stainless Steel. Doesn't burn like bamboo skewers or the other grill meat markers, and won't splinter either!
  • RIDGED TO STAY IN PLACE - Never lose your Steak Pinz due to ridged design that helps your pins stay put and allows for even cooking around the meat markers.

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