Texas Pepper Jelly 3 Pack Rib Candy

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If you do not specify flavors we will pick a selection of rib candies for you. 

Texas Pepper Jelly is every food-lover's dream come true! This rich and flavorful habanero pepper jelly was originally developed as an ideal glaze for ribs at cooking competitions, blending sweet and heat in a unique way.

Check out our blog HERE for more information.

Chefs of all different levels have since discovered the versatility of Texas Pepper Jelly: spice up proteins, BBQs, ice creams and even cocktails with this easy-to-use glaze. There are many flavors to choose from - from sweet variations without spicy habaneros to fiery versions that pack a punch! Fuss-free but flavorful, add some zing to any dish with Texas Pepper Jelly.

Rib candy is also the answer to your rib cooking woes. This deliciously flavorful sauce takes the guess-work and hassle out of creating melt-in-your-mouth ribs that your family and friends will be drooling over. It's as easy as pouring or brushing it on before, during, or after you’re done cooking; it couldn't be simpler. Whether it’s added at the beginning or end, it's sure to add incredible flavor to the finished dish. Rib candy truly makes meal preparation a breeze.

How to use rib candy?

When it comes to adding an extra bit of zest to your dishes, Texas Pepper Jelly is the perfect condiment. It's a pourable, brushable sauce that can be used at any stage of the cooking process and is meant to bring out the complexity of your cooking masterpiece. Whether you'd like to freshen up a chili or glaze a grilled pork loin, simply take a brush and sweep some of this delightful jelly over your food for an unexpected punch of flavor. With its spicy kick and sweet taste, Texas Pepper Jelly does not require much effort - just simply pour it over after you've finished cooking for a unique twist on classic dishes.

What do I use rib candy on?

Any meat or fish. Use it for your pulled pork to take it over the top, add it as a glaze on flank steak to add a bit of sweet heat or try it on halibut or salmon for an easy way to add flavor to fish. We love it on ice cream and cheese and crackers. Or, dessert--a bit of Apple Cinnamon Rib Candy will make your next pie or cobbler taste amazing. Cherry Habanero goes great with chocolate.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lynn Weaver
Great stuff

This stuff really kicks up the game on ribs.

Robert Rosploch

Very satisfied with all the products so far of what I have ordered .

Jacob Burks

Texas Pepper Jelly 3 Pack Rib Candy


Haven’t tried yet but smells delicious.

brandon jones
Had them before

Shipping was super quick. Priced dollars cheaper than any other place I had found it.

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