Texas Pepper Jelly Rib Candy Mango All Sweet/No Heat - 17 oz

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A great standalone flavor is this sweet version of our Mango Rib Candy™. Just like all of our other Rib Candies we let the fruit flavors shine in this sauce. We allow the mango to be the star.

Mangos are listed high on the healthy food chart. And it must be a loved fruit because this is one of our more popular products.

This fruit goes well with other tropical fruits like bananas and vegetables like sweet red onions and tomatoes. Try blending some in your next bowl of salsa, or fruit salad. Or pour it into a ramekin and dip your eggrolls into it…delicious!

Can you mix Rib Candy flavors together?

Absolutely! Mix and match.

In fact, we hope you go for it.

If you do, throw a spotlight on your concoction and share it in the discussion tab so others can learn how you mixed them and what you matched together.

Maybe you tried a full-on tropical assault of flavors by mixing the Pineapple Habanero with the Mango sweet? Let us know.

Texas Pepper Jelly is every food-lover's dream come true! This rich and flavorful habanero pepper jelly was originally developed as an ideal glaze for ribs at cooking competitions, blending sweet and heat in a unique way.

Check out our blog HERE for more information.

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